Website Copywriting

Making every word on your website work hard for you and your brand.  


Bringing you bang on copy, every time 

Stuck on finding the right words? Let me take a load off your shoulders. 

Making people feel at home with your brand when they visit your website is what it’s all about - using copy to build trust, meet your customer's needs and show them how you can help solve their problems.  

And, that’s exactly how I make my copywriting work hard for you. 

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Why you need a copywriter in your life

The fact us copywriters (mostly) write copy all day long isn’t the only reason you need one of us in your life.

A copywriter, like me, can:

  • Give your brand the voice you never knew it had

  • Turn your late-night scribbles and ideas into copy that converts

  • Make sure your website not only looks good, but your copy is SEO friendly too 

  • Share the knowledge amassed in my brain from 10 plus years of writing digital copy. 

How much it costs

Every project is different. Let’s chat about your business and what copywriting support you need to work out the best rate for you. 


No one likes surprises so here are some ball-park numbers to help you work out your budget.   

Single web page  

From $650 - $1500 + GST 

3 x web pages 

From $1800 + GST 

5 x web pages 

From $2700 + GST 


"OMG sooo good, Emma! Never thought I could sound like such a talent. Thanks so much!"

George Sewell

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