• Emma Turner

What's a digital copywriter?

A digital copywriter or content writer is someone who writes the words you see on a website.

The type of content a digital copywriter writes will depend on the audience they are writing for and the intent behind the content.

Sales or product information is designed to encourage the reader to buy or do something, while blogs and articles are generally penned to educate the reader about a brand, industry or trending topic.

What digital copywriters do

Digital copywriters do more than just write, they also need to:

  • Talk with clients and stakeholders

  • Scope the size of projects

  • Research and gather information about a topic

  • Understand the target audience

  • Define key messages

  • Project management and planning

  • Stich together customer journeys

  • Ideate and identify better ways of communicating

  • Review and understand analytics

  • SEO keyword research

  • Editing and proof reading

  • Publish content using a content management system (CMS)

  • Optimise content based on learnings

  • Pitch content ideas

  • Source images and videos

Other types of digital writers:

  • UX writer

  • Journalist

  • Content marketer

  • Technical writer

Content by Emma Agius