UX Writing

Collaborating with developers and product designers to make technology more human.


Bringing you bang on copy, every time 

Stuck on finding the right words? Let me take a load off your shoulders. 

Making people feel at home with your brand when they visit your website is what it’s all about. You do that by building trust, meeting people’s needs and showing them how you can solve their problems.  

And, that’s exactly how I can make your words work for you. 

Prototype Designer
What a UX writer can do for your product

The fact us copywriters (mostly) write copy all day long isn’t the only reason you need one of us in your life.

A UX writer, like me:

  • Microcopy including 

I collaborate with designers, developers and product managers to create copy that intuitively guides users through digital experiences.  
How much it costs

UX writing projects are charged per day. 

What it costs depends on how long it will take me to complete the work or how long your team needs me – some projects take a few days while others might take a few months. 

Let’s chat about scope and go from there. 

Day rate 

$850 + GST per day

Monthly retainer

Hours/days per month

Choose from in-house, remote or monthly retainer.

"Emma brings the perfect words to our designs and marketing efforts."

Thom Nugyen

UX Designer